the receiving end of fun being taken too seriously

needed to break the radio silence. since the time changed and the snow began to fall and the winds returned, the steel*wool crew has turned to the bottle. there is rumor of a solo mission the thursday prior to daylight saving – something about carrying a frosty beverage but never stopping to consume it. i’m going to write this off as hearsay. we’ve settled in nicely to a thursday at 630pm at backcountry routine. drink, eat and drink some more. we like it, spencer likes us…life is good. if you find yourself in the neighborhood on a thursday evening, you now know where to find us. there is talk of the formation of a steel*wool curling team. once the ice opens in nederland, this talk may transition to reality. if you are into hanging out in the dark, on ice, with beers and brooms and stones. let us know. hopefully the curling will transition into cricket next summer. we’d look dashing in our white linen kits. speaking of kits – word on the streets is the 2011 s*w jerseys are enroute to the greater nederland metropolitan area and will then be shipped to all who ordered one (or two). once the dust settles in the shipping warehouse, we’ll let you know if we have any extras as i’m sure several of you are kicking yourself for failing to place your order in a timely manner. stay tuned. until next week…

update – the jerseys have arrived and will begin shipping (to all of you who paid) tomorrow. if you’re on the list for pickup, i’ll be contacting you to make arrangements.

sneak peek







and remember kids – fun is not something to be taken seriously

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